CILECT Congress 2021



The corona pandemic showed us the importance of storytelling, both in the news and as entertainment and drama. Streaming has never been more important. The competition to make an impact is stronger than ever. But impact has both positive and negative connotations. Images could produce new ideas, but could also reinforce cultural stereotypes. Stories could reveal areas of human coexistence, but could also reproduce dominant ideologies. Relevance in this context relates audio-visual education to societal change. In putting the focus on impact and relevance in this conference, the aim is to emphasise the multiple spheres of influence that images and stories have. Access to technologies and the changes in audiences’ adoption and adaptation to the new platforms requires a re-examination of education.

Keynote Speakers

Photo Alex Stolz

Alex Stolz

Photo Danielle Turkov Wilson

Danielle Turkov Wilson

Photo Ivar Kohn

Ivar Køhn

Photo Romaine Moreton - Pphotographer credit Dr Lou Bennett (1)

Romaine Moreton


Photo Andy Nehl

Andy Nehl

Photo Arash Källmark

Arash Källmark

Photo Barnabas Takacs

Barnabás Takács

Photo Dan Geva

Dan Geva

Photo Derek Hayes

Derek Hayes

Photo Dirk Hoyer

Dirk Hoyer

Photo Eli Bø

Eli Bø

Photo Javier Olarte

Javier Olarte

Photo Rodolfo Ramirez

Jaime Rodolpho Ramirez Rodriguez

Photo Katharine Nicholls

Katharine Nicholls

Photo Laurene Abdallah

Laurene Manaa Abdallah

Photo Marcela Negro

Marcela A. Negro

Photo Paulo Ferreira

Paulo Ferreira

Photo Roel Twijnstra

Sir Roel Twijnstra

Photo Yu Ran

Yu Ran

Photo Zsuzsanna Vincze

Zsuzsanna Vincze